What You Need to Know About Tummy Tuck

You may want to consider getting an abdominoplasty, a way of tucking in your tummy, if you’ve got excess skin or too much flab in your abdomen that seems not to disappear in spite of exercise and dieting. This is a procedure that flattens your flabby abdomen by getting rid of that extra skin or fat and tightens your abdominal wall muscles.


This however, is a major surgical procedure. Therefore, if you’re contemplating it, it would be advisable to thoroughly educate and familiarize yourself with all that it involves before rushing to make your decision. Reading several authoritative and expert publications such as the ANZ Journal of Surgery and the Medical Journal of Australia would equip you with useful information.

Who is the Best Candidate for Tummy Tuck, Sydney?

An abdominoplasty is suitable for both women and men who are in good health. The procedure is useful in reducing the skin and tightening those muscles which have been stretched by multiple pregnancies in women. It is also a good alternative for those who at some point in their lives were obese and still have loose skin or excessive deposits of fat in their abdominal areas.

Who Should Not Undergo Abdominoplasty?

You may want to postpone the surgical procedure if you’re a woman still planning on having children, until when you’re through having babies. During the surgery, your vertical stomach muscles are tightened up and any future pregnancies could dangerously separate those muscles. It is also not good for you if you’re still planning on shedding a lot of weight.


How is the Procedure Carried Out?

Based on your discussions with the surgeon regarding desired outcomes, he or she will decide on the most suitable surgical procedure. Two options open for an abdominoplasty are:

• Mini or partial abdominoplasty

• Complete abdominoplasty

This surgery can take between 1 and 5 hours depending on the outcomes you desire. Whether the surgery gets done under outpatient or in-patient basis will largely be determined by its complexity.

It’s vital you ensure that your surgeon adheres to the protocols laid down by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Inc (ASPS) and other health regulatory bodies like the Australian Medical Board.

Preparing For Surgery

Your surgeon may advise you to stop taking certain medications for a period prior to and following the surgery. Because smoking could delay healing and increase the risk of complications, you will need to stop the habit for a period of time, determined by your doctor.

Are there Any Side Effects and Complications?


You will, as expected, have swelling and some pain following surgery and your doctor may prescribe some pain medication. Also, you may experience bruising and numbness. The surgery scars can be quite prominent and even though they fade slightly will over time, they may never disappear completely.

The Cost of Surgery

The best way to get an estimate of the cost of surgery would be through visiting a surgeon and having him/ her give you an estimate based on your specific requirements. Remember that each case is always unique.